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Reading Wellness

Alice Walker

‘If a book doesn’t make you better then what on earth is it for?’ My wife Dr. Warner recently shared the above quote with me. Typically, I interpreted it in relation to helping people heal with the writing of these blogs. What else was I to do?

I laughed at first at the quote. Then thought about people that experience a mental health difficulty or return to the community after prison. Are people recently released, able to help themselves and others be better? Do they become discouraged by an unfair set of goals achievements and just out of frustrated reach opportunities?

When working with a person my aim is geared towards understanding the root cause of some of the difficulties and supporting reintroduction to living well.

Writing my blogs on a weekly basis has become an important part of maintaining wellness myself throughout the week.

Writing these short stories helps to build a positive idea of my thinking for anyone to access and begin formulating their own thoughts. The aims are to share ideas, inform and provide thinking points/reflection points to travel with in a meaningful way. I am doing my bit to make the world a better, more reasoned place, that is more informed and can offer balms.

Using tactical empathy like an open circuit I invite readers to use the materials they find to inspire thought. Closing the loop is when an informed action takes place. That’s the point of these pieces of writing – to help readers to arrive, make links, create change.

Core needs
The want to move forward, figuratively, metaphorically and within the mind and body, is I feel human. The need to stay safe and protected and loved and warm is a need too. As is being fed, staying healthy, being social, finding and maintaining love and finding a sense of purpose. Thank you Maslow!

Staying in one place brings with it challenge, boredom and a feeling of loss. In the course of a year I have met those who have experienced significant personal tragedy and trauma, who remain constantly vigilant and yet willing to pit themselves against their fears and try to haul forth out of the ruins of their former lives something honourable and worthy. Ultimately they are willing to try.

I am reminded of the encouraging words from Brené Brown’s recent Netflix show, quoting Theodore Roosevelt’s arena speech. Those who are on the floor of the arena get a different perspective to those sitting and spectating.

The offer here is to:
Be patient
Be resilient
Be engaged but most of all have fun.

In time it will all be worth it.

The point is to hold on ‘Alice Walker’ until you near the end. The end has the potential to be better than the space you are in now.
Just hold on and you’ll see! for more info

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