Re-Edit Tactical Empathy and Effective Altruism Pt 2

Blending TE and EA
Following yesterday’s post Pt 1, I wanted to revisit the concepts of TE and EA. The first podcast (see yesterday’s post Pt 1) is a 15-20 minute show discussing our responses to those in need with Larry Temkin on Philosophy Bites. The second is an incredible story of a reporter Arwa Damon who was under siege in Mosul for 28 hours, her rescuers bravery and her desire to support Syrian refugees.

I had the chance to listen to both podcasts within a few days of each other and arrived at a similar point. Both podcasts discuss: tribalism, humanity, decision making and a desire to better understand choice affecting us the individual, and the choices we make/could make that effect humanity/society/communities/villages we are living amongst.

Choice with Others in Mind
Interestingly the ideas of tactical empathy and effective altruism were discussed by both Larry and Arwa. For Larry there was the experience of appropriately understanding choice and making decisions that ultimately serve the greater good. One could look and feel bad for a period but the delay to look after a larger number of people is the better outcome for many more – so choose the greater gross affect.

Confront and Compound
The idea of effective altruism or tactical empathy is a challenge to our sensibilities. The challenge is towards the idea of compassion for self and others. Effective Altruism also is about holding our recognition of the plight and struggle of fellow humans.

There are a number of stories Larry Temkin discusses throughout the podcast that nudge a few uncomfortable ideas towards our awareness. The $5,000 watch and the drowning child were 2 stories that are particularly distressing and yet also informative. I won’t do the story justice by explaining them here. Listen to the episode as linked in Pt 1 and 3 and share your thoughts in the comments section with either today’s post tomorrow’s or Sunday’s final post which brings all 3 parts together. Again

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Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

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