Losing Butterfly: a Poem

I recognise a great
Tragedy happened when
Last we ate

Softly sharing the
Hurt across dinner
Tables hearing others
Laugh and talk in
Hushed colours about last
Nights events as if nothing
Important were happening

The tear significant and
I thought I could be
Brave and strong and
Remain resilient and
This thing

Began with a walk
By walled water.
The walk both long
And humorous. We both
Laughing and talking
Camden bound.
Winding slowly towards
A loch and beers.

Beers Shared and problems halved?

Always with beers.
Four years of needing
You to stay and
Continue with your
Not so gentle insistent
Strength pushing my
Mind to new awareni
And then you left.

Floundering like a
Fish pulled from water,
Without the balance of the
Deep blue to continue the
Holding, guiding nurturing

Your city is not that far
But already seems
Too great a stretch to.
A homeless friend
Often says ‘Until we
Meet again’ and I know
That cannot happen

Until a veil is
Lifted. Imperceptible
A skein, as delicate
as cobwebbed lace.
Spun golden,
Yet seldom worn.

When we next meet it
Will be to say with
A mouthful of I’m
*sorries that the world
My world was warmer

When you were
Near. Now a cooler
Dawn awaits me with
Your version of silly gone.

This loss cuts like the
Others, as all departures
Eventually do. Only this
One caused by neglect
Was of my own undoing.

Standing like a half
Buried Minoan head,
Brooding deep purple
Grey. It’s Thunder
Claps and rain.

Raymond Antrobus on CBC
Grenfell Tower Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

Cover Photo by Eeshan Garg on Unsplash
Photo by Tom Rogerson on Unsplash

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