Perfect Storm: Swells

The deaths of 4 Black people in the US, may provide the perfect set of circumstances to take our 3 months worth of thinking and feeling, holding our breaths that we all come out of the ‘Rona alive and finally fully exhale.

If we then combine this sense of surviving, with the injustice of people losing their lives unlawfully by law enforcement – repeatedly. Add in the deep seated feelings of sadness, confusion guilt, regret, shame, anger and rage.

Then and only then breathe out in an exhilaratingly powerful way. The slogan of Black Lives Matter and ‘I Can’t Breathe’ potentially could take on more meaning.

The sentiment being viscerally felt by masses because they, we get it. We too were restrained against our will for longer than we wanted.

Some of us, just didn’t make it, unfortunately.

Harvard Gazette Interviews Prof Lawrence D. Bobo The Fire This Time

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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