Perfect Storm: Let Go

Letting Go
Shedding years of misguided notions and seeing clearly that life for certain groups of people have been harder for hidden and ignored reasons.

Black peoples challenges have not solely arisen by our own design. The making of systems that demean and devalue and place one group of people above others.

The idea of superiority was deigned as a right of being historically, and has been implemented globally by Europeans. Black people have been demanding equality. It’s time to…

Brené Brown and Austin Channing Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

Photo by Donovan Valdivia on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Perfect Storm: Let Go

  1. This history is revealing, as is all history : but this chap actually has a really, really good practical idea to potentially help solve a BIG PROBLEM or should I say enable a ‘better quality of life’ for a substantial number of young black kids, their families and communities. The provision of ‘community boarding schools’ for the disadvantaged is not a new idea and had a degree of success. It would be important to recognise the reasons behind why they were deemed ‘no longer sustainable’. If Akala gets his sums right he’s onto a winner! On so many levels. 😝


    1. Thank you Anne for the comment. I had not heard of the idea of boarding school places for young inner city youth. It makes sense. As does dismantling private and state schools and having all receive excellent funded education across all schools in the uk.


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