Perfect Storm: Continue

For Black, Brown and othered peoples this fight has been long standing. We have been fighting for the betterment of all.

My hope is for the ongoing struggle to produce tangible life affirming results like: access for all to have an outstanding education system, healthcare, job opportunities, secure and safe housing in neighbourhoods that value collaboration and place being part of a community and advantage over being focused on the one I.

Other outcomes could include an ever present critical awareness of the impact of systemic oppression. Also being aware of racist policies profiting one group over and above others, the world over and a willingness from allies to stand with.

Anti Racist change is a demand that is to be met globally.

Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise fighting racism

Photo by 99.films on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Perfect Storm: Continue

  1. It is true, that time is well and truly overdue for the shift upwards of power relations, specifically for black people against all overs has to take flight now with the momentum that has struck across the World.
    It is a need so desperate for the human race, that NOTHING! I repeat NOTHING will truly be different for the ‘human race’ until then.
    Why I say this?
    Because, until all people are seen only as the person who stands before ‘one’ , and not a ‘seen before the person is seen’; not a pre-conditioned thought process of a person. Then and then only might we begin to move forward.
    Slavery off itself can go back further than Colonial times. However, it is from colonial times with have the measure of the deep routed injustices which have been weighted down on black and brown people. It is still none-the-less a weight disproportionately set upon black people. To the extent during colonial rule and since then, other nations have deliberately teamed/worked together in maintaining the oppression of black people in anyway that they can.
    Need I mention Indian’s in Uganda, and other West Indian Islands. China is there too, in their willingness to side with European governments to further this oppression, and of course make opportunities for themselves.

    Oppression is totally about POWER!
    The chance to change this dynamic is somewhat with those constructs, which manage our socio-economic lives.
    But, I believe more importantly the change has to come from in and of the individual mindset.
    I have seen this in the recent protests for George Floyd, and others before.

    More individuals need to stand up and be counted in overthrowing this oppression of others by systems and those ‘others’.
    Change of this systematic abuse should be over a long time ago. A Change is Coming by Sam Cook, is it?


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