Water came close to falling from
Eyes. I blinked and stalled them
Hard. They stayed hidden. Remained
My barely held secret. Didn’t want to
Loose them. Not then. They –
Jewels I wanted to savour.

Write for Life

There was another that
Invited them fall. And
Again caught somewhere mid
Throat. Coughs wouldn’t relieve them
Safe passage. Gravity
Couldn’t work her weak magic.

She peering over glasses,
Wisened, offered “So a writer then?”
Tremors. Words stalled
Near to where my tears
Caught. “Uh, a writer?

Artist at Work

Was this a
Statement, an accusation,
A summation? Cracked imaginings
Flashed then held
Fast. The creative in me
Faltered then, laughed.

Stood wobbling, first then
Stoically. Staring ahead.
Afloat. Buoyed by her
Warmth. A barely heard
Whisper of thought.
Am I?

Message to the brave

The artist in me
A little. The smile caused 
Sunlight to blush and 
Came the answer, “Yes.
A writer. Then.”


Message of Hope Derrick Hodge
Writing to improve Mental Health
Revisionist History Hamlet was wrong

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Until I remembered a number of sharings,
Of personal stories
Of moments of loss and gain.
Intravenous drips.

A walk along an old street.
The sun hidden behind
Thin clouds. I remember
Trees whispering with intent.
Offering scents of a tomorrow
We both couldn’t grasp.

I was swept up in a story
Of lifting awareni.
But was falling.
Like dry leaves from
Branches overhead.
Those trees!

Tree Fall

I remember the warm
Glow. The awkwardness.
The unsaid.

The conversation belied
Contact that seemed
Omnipresent and
Yet scant.
We danced closely
In minds held by
Other times.

Never to meet
Intimately. But to be held
Fondly as memories
Of what could have been.
Remaining as a gift,
A laugh, a humming ache
With no short answer.

To dare,
To dream and never
Arrive at picture book
Endings. Feeling as though
Everything is possible.
Yet be damned by distance


Inspired by H.E.R. Could Have Been
Cassandra Speaks Unlocking Us interview with Elizabeth Lesser and Brené Brown

Cover photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji on Unsplash
Inlay Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash