Pyramids and Ponzi Schemes – White Supremacy

We may/may not know what a pyramid or a ponzi scheme is? I will do what I can to explain both concepts. The race game is a ponzi scheme, was a thought that flew in recently. The idea that the human race is not genetically different underneath the skin. The fact of being racially similar has been scientifically proven. The 99.9% similarity fact has yet to enter the hearts and minds of some who walk the planet.

Early Vision
Initially I was going to write about White supremacy as a zero sum game. Whilst the zero sum/supremacy proposition could be useful in the short term, the goal, my goal, is to shift the conversation to the overall benefits of the infinite game Ubuntu. With the idea of the infinite game in mind, I will initially discuss Pyramid/Ponzi Schemes. Then the Zero Sum and The Infinite Game and end with models that could promote alternative ways of thinking, living and breathing in relation to White Supremacy. The plan will be to discuss these concepts over the next few weeks.

We must be able to stay amongst the messiness and discomfort of excruciating vulnerability and the exquisiteness of transformative change. An idea that I enjoyed hearing from an episode of Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us podcast.

Optical Illusion of light. To begin a discussion of Pyramids and Ponzi schemes being illusory.

The stratification of the human race favours White (male, heterosexual, able bodied, wealthy) at the ‘top’ of the pile/pyramid and Black and Brown at the bottom. I wonder if this is an exposition from the discovery of ‘white’ light being a composite of all other colours of light? Where the colours of Red, Green and Blue light converge to produce ‘white’ light.

Ponzi Scheme
The Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment opportunity, for those willing to part with significant sums of money. An account manager appears to invest the money into a high-risk ‘fund’. The account manager often does little with the investment, other than to invest in themselves or spend other investors money lavishly. With little consideration about ethics, rights or morals. The Ponzi scheme is set up to convince investors of the lucrative potential of a fund and to return a financial payout equal to or of an amount significantly higher than their initial investment.

Breakdown and Fallout
The investor is not made aware of the risks involved or of how their investment will be transformed into more money. The Ponzi scheme works by convincing ever more wealthy investors on behalf of the account manager, to buy into the fraudulent plan. The scheme is set up similarly like a house of cards. For the scheme to work, early investors recoup their earnings from investors that join later. Cashing out early can be supported by the account manager. Cashing out early has the potential to be misdirected and complicated by the account manager. Early withdrawal may also be supported when there is enough of a return on a fund holder’s initial investment. Early Ponzi schemers are paid out from later investors sums of money installed into the system. Thereby convincing early fund holders that their windfalls come as a result of wise account management. If all involved in the Ponzi scheme were to withdraw their funds from the scheme at the same time, the scheme would collapse. Every subsequent investor could potentially have none of their initial investment returned.  Often the Ponzi scheme places investors into debt or bankruptcy. A schemer may have hoped the fund would have saved them from.

Pyramid Collapse
When successful a pyramid scheme can last indefinitely. The main focus is in selling an idea of worth to future buyers and future agents. Pyramid schemes can falter and fail at a point of market saturation, customer dissatisfaction or agent disillusionment. The agent or customer no longer fascinated/intrigued makes any further purchase of the product. Agents may actively try to dissuade future customers from buying the product. Sharing the products failings. Some have highlighted the American dream and Empire as a complex pyramidic scheme. Similarly, adherents of the American empire have also become disillusioned and disenfranchised. Agents and customers confidence in buying and selling the product wanes or stops completely. For those near to the top of the pyramid, a fall in revenue and sales result in lowered enthusiasm in the product. Belief in the product falls, reducing marketability and overall sales. Some pyramidic systems as an alternative to faltering sales double down on efforts to sell the idea of the product and regain previous sales levels and product confidence.

Pyramid Conspiracy
Belief in the Pyramid almost makes it real. The systemic nature of control and social governance via media and hype invites a numbing effect. Conspiracy theories can become popular. The validity or ability to critically evaluate and assess information about the product, scheme or company is rendered ineffective – like a deflated beach ball. The challenge to the idea that White Supremacy is a given, a must and here for time ever lasting, is similar to the lie of patriarchy. The male of the human animal is often emotionally under-developed. Not a news flash. Many men choose simply to overlook assertions such as these, holding to notions of centuries past. “Only men can control the land, sea, sky and heavens.”  All such assertions have been proven false! No human can control the elements. We can only simply observe and thus are moved. I wonder if the masculine fears the feminine that have known these elemental truths for millenia?

Same Cloth
White Supremacy almost presents an alliance with complete dominance coercion and control via unequivocal means. The structure of White Supremacy points out that, without a system dehumanising and disempowering others, without rules and laws, without lies and cheating and theft, White supremacists would find themselves living without the protection of what has been instituted to hold up a frail pale male and stale human. Crumbling of the walls around the citadel of psychosis has been noted. The well-worn lie, could be seen to be ushered in with the election of the previous incumbent of the White House and the enthusiasm behind believers in Alt Right suggestions of proclaimed superiority. Alt Right supporters professing that White Americans are the newest underserved and undervalued racial group in America/Globally. It is a wonder of mine, that superiority is ever confused with vulnerability on any level.

Royal Costumes
The story about the Emperors New Clothes always made me laugh as a child. The barely clothed emperor striding along a street, laughed at by the towns people, is the idea that stays with me. White Supremacy is as ludicrous and as insidious as a Ponzi scheme, or an emperor wearing his birthday suit in public. The global South has been invited to hold onto a sorely disguised lie. The emperor has been caught up within his own ideas of grandeur and superiority. He is in fact, is as vulnerable and as churlish as a 6-month old diaper wearing baby. Daring those with eyes and ears, not to perceive him the superior. Being convinced of his supremacy and yet as susceptible to being fooled and taken advantage of as any other ego fueled simpleton. The strength of the belief and in the systems that support White supremacy is what incredibly propels the continuance of a wholly unhealthy world dominant status quo. Just like the Emperor’s new clothes: the seams unsewn – seep fresh new winds.

There are an uncountable number of systemic factors that support the proclivity of White supremacy. I have previously highlighted policies that include housing rights such as Red Lining in the US. And a similar system was used during the Windrush era in the UK, where landlords did not let rooms to Black tenants from the Common Wealth. Policing continues to be a subject of debate. Mishandled police involvement leading to death of Black and Brown people in Canada, the UK and the US. Prison in the UK, US and Canada has an over representation of Black and Brown bodies continues to be problem centred not solution focused. We could observe plea bargains, unsupported minor offenders, biased rulings and sanctions against Black, Brown and poor people at court, who become involved with the injustice system. Black, Brown and poor young people are often under educated in relation to lack of school provision via resources that are often sanctioned by local government. The podcast School Colors examines a New York School’s troubled history and challenging future. A few weeks ago I began what I intended to be a short piece on Internalised Racism. The blog turned into a 6-part extrapolation on my understanding of the impact of racism. Internalised racism – another outcome of White Supremacy’s tenure.

Civil War
There have been times when I have reflected on the experience of being Black both in the UK and now as a ‘visitor’ in Canada and thought about how uncivil and uncomfortable living Black often is. I have not lived in Nazi Germany or in Israel, however the term living under occupation seems to aptly apply to the sense of living in democratic countries under an awareness that my kin are largely undervalued, underappreciated, plainly not wanted and hated on site! The feeling is of constantly being under surveillance either by fellow citizens, or by law enforcement. Sometimes the surveillance is carried out by self to ensure I am not too loud, not too present or distant, not too serious looking, not too humoured or not too humorous. It is like living inside of a prism. W.E.B. Dubois called this awareness ‘Double Consciousness’. The constant reviewal of seeing oneself being seen by others and reviewing how that ‘seeing’ is impacting both ‘observers’. For me, it is the living under constant threat of something happening that I have yet not encountered or imagined that causes a generalised anxiety. The experience of PTSD is often used to explain experiencing racist encounters amongst an oppressive system. Rebecca Cokley on Ibram X Kendi’s podcast Be Anti-Racist, discussed that Black and disabled people often do not experience the recovery period after an event. There is always another trauma that happens after.

Surviving White supremacy is to recognise the always on, infinite game.

Numbing links to an article that highlights experiencing everyday racism potentially leading to schizophrenia. Erin Anderson ponders the reality of Black people becoming mentally unwell after years of weathering. The article reflects decades of research. Brené Brown offers an understanding of the crumbling of the citadel after the insurrection at the White House in January 2021. Alt Right links to Gary Younge’s investigations with a leader of the Alt Right. A clear example of Zero-Sum and Infinite Game theories in action. Southern Policy Law Centre observe The Alt Right movement. The Emperors New Clothes a retelling of the story by Hans Christian Anderson. I begin this piece with an attempt to explain Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes. For me, the 2 Ps have been a useful way to begin disassembling the structure of systemic racism and the fallacy of White Supremacy. The Link below offers more of an understanding of Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. Ibram X Kendi interviews Rebecca Cokley observing the intersections between living as a disabled person and also living as a Black person. I have found George’s poems and artistry wholly involved within the reformation of old to new ideas. In this episode George explores how his art can entertain, interrupt and also lead to activism. Janet Gassam Asare shares her insights about what White Supremacy is and is not.  

Know the Difference between Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes
Have you heard Georges podcast Young
Janet Gassam Asare 4 Myths About White Supremacy

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3 Lions

The blog below concerns the many losses that occurred after the European Cup Final in 2021. If vicarious trauma can offer something of use, it would be to remember the steps to remain safe, aware and empowered.

Hurt Magnified
The violence witnessed via news sources at Wembly Stadium on the night of England’s defeat last month, came as a chafenning. The thousands that spilled out from the stadium causing uproar and wanton destruction on the streets of London was indicative of a hurt people hurting, that don’t realise that they are hurting and expel their hurt on to others. It pained me to see these esteemed set of players fall foul after an epic game of many ups and a few downs. The following piece of writing is an attempt at exposition.

I wonder a few thoughts here: Would an emotionally intelligent person/people act in ways that cause further emotional or physical distress and harm to others? What device could invite pause, for those who are hurting? Acting out in childish and outlandish ways is an errant choice. Could other creative means be employed to expel disappointment? My feelings of let down and frustration by the end result of England not winning the European championship made me look at future goals. There is a sense of inevitability rather than hopelessness. I was also able to recognise and hold onto the numerous successes the whole team had achieved. Mostly of briefly unifying a multi-cultural society as England soared through the group stages and made it to the quarterfinals, the semifinals and then on to the finals.

On Repeat
What I am left questioning is, if English football fans and supporters witness their team’s defeat again, will further racist, vindictive showings of abuse and violence, that appears mindless, again fill time in national and international media? My guess is that yes, there is a high probability the sensationalist press will. Filling time and news print. Unable and unwilling to offer themselves or the public a vulnerable introspective or reflective persective, but the regular, standardised rote stories of old. Stories that continue the divisive ‘us’ and ‘them’ rhetoric. ‘British football fans are as brutish and as problematic as they were in the 80’s.’ The press may report.

Attempts at Kicking Racism out of football have continually been made however, if the structure upon which the beautiful game was first built and then is played upon: Historical legacy, Politics and Governmental Policy, Sports Journalism and sports infrastructure, Education, Law, Policing, Prison, Healthcare, Social Care, continue to hold and perpetually consume racist thought, beliefs and decisions, can supporters of the England football team be any less racist? Can racism be kicked out? The beautiful game is an idyll. Similar to many human ideals. Football and sport overall arises from humanity’s basal, primal needs. Aspiring towards something greater, the outright good for all.


Blame You
The fans are not the team. The fans are representative of a dormant underbelly. The seemingly over patriotic fans are of a settler refugee people that were war strewn and savaged historically by numerous conquests. What has been left? A residue amongst the psyche, an islander who feels vitriolic and triggered by any seeming slight gain at its shores. The national psyche will even dispel and violently attack any that is classed as other, and hold them to account for its own failings. This is a trauma response. This is a way to cognitively separate self from perceived harm that may be real or imagined. My question mostly is about the right some explicitly feel they have, to publicly disown fellow islanders. Is this lord of the flies on repeat?

Origin Story
It is undeniable that the 3 members of the team missed their penalties. It is also undeniable that these players origins hail from communities that lie beyond English shores. Do these two facts make these football players any less English because of their families place of birth or because of where their parents or grandparents grew up? A few years ago (11 if we want to split infinitives) I had a similar discussion with a psychotherapist from Germany. She argued that some people in her country were not really German. Primarily because of where their grandparents or parents were from. My argument was, if these immigrants spoke German, were educated in German schools and colleges, held a passport or other form of I.D. that identified them as German, they were in all manner of speaking as germane as she was. Lineage and history are something to be aware of, but are not tombstones upon which any country can claim who is to be classed amongst or dismissed as alien. Her argument was largely levelled against Turkish immigrants, who have suffered similar persecutions as visible minorities in the UK, Europe, North, Central and South America. A historical genealogy would show that there are more intersections of similarity amongst a nation state than there are aspects that separate citizens. Belonging is a matter of perspective.

Trauma Response
What I am left with is when we are quick to anger and disappointment, we stop existing in our thinking rational human minds and enter a primitive brain system. A similar disordered thinking pattern happens too, when we are triggered by traumatic memory or experiencing trauma. Our pre-frontal cortex goes off-line and we enter a way of being that is operant on survival instincts. We flee, fight, freeze, or friend with an aggressor. The applied psychology for me here, is if we observe the furore of English football fans snarling and lashing out against a perceived threat, we could ascribe these actions to a fight response. Quick to anger is a trauma response too, involving perceived ideas and experiences of defeat, destruction and death.

Industrialisation pictured

How some choose to discharge these feelings without further processing are to attack either verbally or physically all who are potentially a threat. With vitriolic and seemingly patriotic missiles thrown against those who appear obviously different. On Sunday the 11th of July 2021, fans threw barbs, fists and feet at Italian football fans wearing the Italian football team’s colours. The 3 English football players that brought about England’s defeat received racist abuse. Physically they could not be attacked. Mentally, psychologically they could.

The loss of the game, which on that night appeared not to be tolerated, accepted or predicted. The fans caught on camera and fans who wrote horrible messages online, seem not to be able to subsume loss without personal affect. It would appear that the subsidence of adrenalin and endorphin coursing through blood streams moments before the first English missed penalty caused hearts to stop. The stress hormone cortisol that possibly swamped an uncountable number of bodies and minds, worked it’s alarming panic. Can our human minds make sudden hormonal and emotional changes without veering towards the unthink of the wounded? The reasoning may be because, learning of loss and defeat are also a part of living a full and complicated life. Enduring a football match of such importance may not have been readily appreciated, by a triggered few. Once traumatised – one’s thinking can be altered and may not allow for thinking that involves *greydom. It is either Black or it is White. We run or we fight. Simple. Ultimately we stay alive!

Make Sport, Not War
The difficulty I have with the trauma responses at the defeat of England’s football team, or the unthink of trauma reactions by fans, are there was no war, only sport. The beautiful game became sullied with wants of victory that were pulled from grasp at seemingly an intolerable moment. Thereby causing a rupture into basal behaviour and non thinking actions. That has lead to hysteria, harm as well as over-hyped expectations being dashed. Leading to wanton damage. Trumpism on a national scale. It is like the idea of a White offensive nationalism overriding and overtaking a largely positive muti-cultural and encouraging experience. What was shared and possibly would be best to be later processed, are trauma words that then potentially traumatise many others.

For a misremembered history to be made factual, a mislabeled past is to be believed above and over the data that invites doubt that the evidence is false. The UK and England suffered invasion, repeatedly from nation states as far afield as Scandinavia, Spain and Italy. The French and the Dutch were also interlopers despoiling ransacking and plundering the island as they saw fit. The point of my historic meanderings is to observe what defences an Island Nation can install. The UK could invest in fleets of ships to defend it’s shores. An island Nation can use intellectual defenses like cognitive dissonance to deny what it has seen, heard and felt. A nation can make allyship and appeal to powers greater than itself to keep it’s sovereign soil free from further invasion. The UK has engaged in all manner of similar actions mentioned above, but the nation and the minds of it’s citizens are still yet to heal from previous historic wounds. The UK has spread them, like a polygamous intimate violent partner whose tools of hurt are psychological, physical, sexual, emotional, financial and emotional – Slavery, Indentured labour, Colonialism, Capitalism.

Equal and yet

All Past
These forms of abuse listed afore, were visited upon the Island nation and once the UK and England became a global controlling behemoth, it too became like it’s former oppressors: abusive, controlling, violent, as insidious and vindictive as the harms suffered in the past. Contorting to a new form of divisive control amongst the UK’s global subjects that included industrialisation, economic disparity, wealth acquisition and dominion over through Colonialism. There are ghosts in the shell that will not acknowledge that a past as challenging and as damaging would have left a people battle scarred and lithe to violence and harm at the smallest infraction or insult. A football game can now be seen as an act of revenge and just desserts that underline a trauma response from a formerly traumatised people who then exact their experiences upon others. It is Israel and Palestine. It is Spain’s assault of Central and South America after the Moors 800 year conquest leaving architecture, religion, science, and libraries. It is Europe’s global treasure seeking exploration into Africa, Asia, North, Central and Southern America and the greater Pacific Islands of Papua New Guinea, Austrialia and New Zealand. An unjustified, unequal exchange offering only barbarianism over civility.

I am left with:

A little more humour,
Some semblance of understanding,
A degree more compassion for
Hurt people who then go on to hurt others.

There is cause, and there are possible outcomes and effects. With a psychotherapists scalpel to hand, supporting the necessary surgery and bleeding away with uncompromising words…


The resources shared below are in order to support reflective thinking in relation to the above post. The aim is to in one small part share knowledge and engage with ideas that interrupt miss interpreted notions of good Black, bad White.
Kicking Racism out of Football a sliding doors YouTube moment where one error filled choice, potentially leads to dire consequences.
Howard Nicholas discuses in a clear way the Zero Sum game Western countries, their policies and practices have prevented the development of Sub Saharan Africa.
Ghost in the Shell offers a rapid overview of the 1995 Manga classic. Where knowledge and doubt are used to coerce a number of outcomes for a number of protagonists/antagonists.
Joy DeGruy explains her idea of Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome and how the behaviour is presented as, for Black communities in the African Diaspora. I use Joy DeGruy’s position on PTSS as a pin to spin the idea of the UK’s self perceived greatness to it’s conquered and defeated past, and what effects it’s citizens are unknowingly carrying.
Akala is possibly one of the most electrifying thought leaders the world has in relation to race theory, critical analysis and culture. In 2016 he shares his ideas about Institutionalised racism. I wonder what has changed since 2016?
Gary Neville offers his understanding of England’s defeat and racist outrage with understanding and compassion.
Anna Edwards writes a short article on the book Fortress Britain by Ian Hernon. Anna also shares in the article the list of the many countries that the UK later despoiled is another factor to be contended with.

Joy DeGruy Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome
Akala explains Institutionalised Racism
Gary Neville interview on England’s Defeat Sky Sports
False Notions of Britain – Daily Mail

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Internalised Racism – Trade

This is the last section of writing concerning Internalised Racism – momentarily…

Poor Trade
These acts of internalised racism, projective identification and lateral violence are a culmination of factors that arise from historic legacies of systemic abuse, cultural annihilation and attempts to assimilate and acculturate amongst dominant social groups, with varying degrees of success and also harm. Where invaders instituted themselves as overlords upon the global South. Governance and theft of wealth and people were besieged trades.

A group of people who are repeatedly shown by law, by land acquisition, by land domination, that worthiness does not include their ilk – doubles down on a form of insidious self harm that spans generations. In South Africa – Apartheid was instituted as a way to separate groups of people. Trevor Noah’s book ‘Born A Crime‘ discusses apartheid with candour and honesty. Being Trevor Noah he also inserts humor to illuminate the systems *ludicrosity. What has taken place within many countries on the continent of Africa as well as in the Caribbean as well as in South America, Central America – Colonialism. Another system of installing foreign concepts that do little more than remove wealth and install European standards of control and dominance.

Self Harm
In North America, the idea of Black people, descendants of African people from the African diaspora, are calculated as being without value. It is the reason that Black Lives Matter as a social movement has held such a prominent public position over the last few years. Indigenous populations were also summarily assigned to an unwanted category, destined for acts that dehumanized and sought tactics for annihilation or assimilation. When we as a global majority, support and uphold our illegitimate end of a shitty bargain and unconsciously abide by ways of being that further harm, denigrate and prevent growth –  an outcome can look like self hatred and furthering a genocidal tendency from within and amongst.

Before Columbus
I am mindful of the Maya, the Aztecs, the Aboriginal communities of Australia, the Maori, the Egyptians, the empires of West Africa, India, China, Japan all have historical legacy and local and international stories of trade commerce and war. I wonder what hidden unsavory aspects of history are left to be told amongst these cultures.

All of this
This series of blogs on Internalised began with me at 6 years old being bullied. The 6 part blog series has invited me to reflect on an uncomfortable realisation of projective identification and internalised racism. By two older girls caring little about me. Possibly caring less about themselves. Left to figure out for myself, what it means to be a black male, the middle son, interested in art – being disliked because of my 2 cultural heritage vantage points of Guyana and Ghana. Black overall. Configuring amongst a constellation of ideas with a beginners mind what the journey beyond may look like. Internalised Racism still doesn’t make sense. It is a blight, but like shame and grief which can be healed with understanding and compassion, so too can Internalised Racism’s internal wounds.

Hating of myself was not an option I would ever knowingly choose. Disliking others who have skin tones lighter or darker than my own never entered my frame of reference. Black, Brown – Human is what we are. Now as a father, therapist, supervisor, lay philosopher/researcher, writer, I realise resolution may happen after many years of work (the next 400 possibly). Amongst colleagues and with friends – we are to challenge these interior codes and bring them to full awareness much like shame, in order to heal.

The aim for me, is to work out what generates healing and get at removing the cancer that is Internalised Racism.

Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime is a brave insight to an interesting man’s life growing up in Soweto South Africa. The book amply describes state sanctioned systemic oppression and racism of Black and Coloured people.
The Code Switch Podcast referenced A Treaty Right for Cherokee Representation that provides a useful example of shady deals the US government made with an Indigenous group that forcibly moved a people from their land.
Ivan Van Sertimas book ‘They Came Before Columbus’ dispels through evidence that other than the indigenous inhabitants of Central and South America the first peoples to set foot in the Americas were from West Africa.
Listening to Joy DeGruy explain a concept that has now become widely accepted as fact. Past histories are remembered or locked into cellular memory.
Remember 9:29 is a meditation and presentation of resistance and protest in as artful a way as can be imagined.
Joy DeGruy Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome
Remember 9:29 Produced by Tier Zero Poem by Chris Kaputo

Dark Treelined ave Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Internalised Racism – Global

The insidious idea of Internalised Racism has a probable point of origin. In this post I look at identifying plausible reasoning for this form of harms continuance.

4 Corners
Communities from one corner of the globe to the other that survived European invasion were infected with a number of diseases that include; the cold, the flu, chicken pox, measles, syphilis, polio. The longest standing disease after the invaders became settlers and then colonizers, is the idea that the European was/is better than the peoples that they ‘discovered.’ That indigenous populations were/are worthless or not as culturally, artistically, morally comparable to the ‘superior’ invaders. The challenging intergenerational legacy being observed is that, Black and Brown bodies have continued to hold concepts of themselves that do not serve thesmelves or anyone else, especially the African, the Asian, the South East Asian, Indigenous groups of the South Pacific and Indigenous groups across the Americas.

But hold on to them we do. Like a forgotten splinter driven into the ball of the foot. Causing a dull throb when spun upon. Wondering how it came to be so painful – only occasionally. Considering how to remove the thin offending article when the pain becomes unbearable. Tools offered by former captors and tormentors that regenerate health – not trusted like psychotherapy or psychiatry or psychology. We may have all watched GET OUT and taken appropriate warning and evasive action!

Ideas that being fairer (White), cleaner, more Westernised and behave in a recognisable way to those that oppressed the global South. The assessment made is that Europeans offer something that could be considered as an improvement, modern, progressive. That by becoming similar to, we can be made safe. Cultures that birthed different and early forms of civilisation be damned some may think. Becoming assimilated, acculturated as Western keeps one and group ‘healthy’. Believing that the gaining of status or riches will alleviate the splinter’s harm.

Whose Game?
Only, the gain game, the suppression and denial game don’t work. When I think about those who have caused harm historically, I am brought back to my learning about intergenerational wars across Europe in History lessons at school. The blood shed for land gain. People slain for Queen, King and country. Millions that were displaced assaulted and indiscriminately violated. I am left with not wanting to honour, accept or know this villainous portion of history. Religion or Paganism offered some restitution but possibly not soulful healing. And so if cognitive dissonance, helps to support a loose form of wellbeing it is chosen over the heart rendering truth seeking of enlightened peoples. Leaving some unknowingly hurting and some knowingly and unbelievably healing.

The 2016 film Get Out by Jordan Peele staring Daniel Kaluuya is challenging. What piqued my interest in using the clip above was the scene of the Psychologist stirring a cup of tea, and the effects she has on the mind of the protagonist. Culturally competent and culturally cognisant psychotherapy can be wholly beneficial for anyone seeking restitution.
Ibram X Kendi discusses his ideas about his book and about growing up realising the importance of separating self from unhelpful ideas of identity and race.
The 2016 Film Get Out by Jordan Peele
Ibram X Kendi on Internalised Racism as Black on Black crime

Twirling Light Art Photo by Riley McCullough on Unsplash