Willfully Unseen: Remain Together

Advanced societies I believe would look at the smallest component of the strata of it’s populace, and be willing to invest in holistic growth, development and the levelling of all playing fields. Calling to mind Jo Amand stating during training of Walking Group Leaders for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme in 2002, ‘A group walks together. They walk at the pace of it’s slowest member!’ The idea, if pulled apart like a parachute extends to encompass all. No-one is left outside/behind. The reciprocal return would be to develop children and adults that are consciously aware of their privilege and where that intersects/interacts with elements of themselves that are a challenge to accept. The aim would also be to develop understanding of where aspects of their being are under valued or under appreciated (where we all become the other). We are all Dragon, Dungeon and Dragon’s treasure. The aim could be to support develop emotionally literate, physically responsible, sociologically curious and flexible people. A following aim could be to improve our appreciation of all aspects of life. Disowning death, disease and inevitable destruction – cuts the enmeshment that is the whole of our existence. (The fright of the four horsemen.) All parts of a terrific/terrifying life are brought together in surrender.

Two Guys on Your Head: Gaslighting

Nature Not Waste Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash