Willfully Unseen: Unwanted Matter

Returning to the analogy of the toilet (started on last week) would we want to arrive in a bathroom, with the smells of another user still hanging? Toilet paper strewn about on a suspected urine soaked floor. An omnipresent dripping echoing dimly. Possessing only one working stall (unwillingly checking the 5 other stalls in haste), someone having defecated not only on the seat, but also the floor, the walls? Paint of an undisclosed colour, flecked, bubbling, peeling from walls. Graffiti adding a quality of perceived threat and additional grime to an already stressful situation. Tiles of the floor and walls cracked. Oozing. The lock on the one working urinal broken. A flickering fluorescent bulb overhead. The 2 working hand basins showing signs of disrepair rust, grime, leaking taps, slowly draining grey water, already collecting in the bottom of the basin.

Rainbow RubbishPhoto by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Willfully Unseen: Unwanted Matter

  1. Michael.

    I had to laugh!

    Only because I was imagining what type of establishments you had visited to witness such degrading use of a ‘public’ amenity?

    In my experience, these types of premises I mostly associate with ‘sex venues’ in the olden days of Soho. Or ‘drug users’ toilets..

    I am pleased to say I no longer visit such premises 😂

    Is there something you’re not telling me 😳

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  2. Hello Anne,
    I took inspiration from the toilet scene in the movie Trainspotting to take the reader into an unpleasant thought experiment. From Dave Li’s parent’s business to the above. A journey! I can only imagine the sights you accessed on the job. Your comments lead to the opening of doors around vicarious experiences. More grist for our conversation mill!


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