Willfully Unseen: Fixin’

Fixin’ Unfair
You the visitor to the unsavoury scene (described yesterday) not being able to hold the contents of your bowels/bladder or both any longer have little other option. Imagine inhabiting a space that heaps an idea that you deserve to live the rest of your life here and that you should die here too! Because born poor, of a lower social class, of a specific gender, of a certain racial group, having a certain physical or mental capacities, have ineffectively (criminally) acted attempting to improve yours and your family’s situation, or by becoming homeless, or an immigrant this fetid mess is what some advise you to make a home, a society from. Being told by those living in better conditions that this environment is where you belong? Those supporting communities such as those described above, unfairly branded with the same toilet brush.

Exhausted Air Photo by Justin Bautista on Unsplash