Willfully Unseen: Rapprochement

The resource below from Ibram X Kendi’s ‘How to Be Anti-Racist’ podcast fully examines a thorough understanding of the criminal punishment system. Mariame Kaba explores with Ibram what the future of supporting someone who has caused harm could look like. My thoughts are, the initial want to cause harm and punishment in retaliation, for the hurt experienced could be a part of human conditioning. Initially if we experience pain we seek soothing and for the pain to stop. Moving away from the pain’s source. A part of us may want retribution and for the harm caused to be repaid in some way. The learning Mariame speaks of is to unlearn the want to hurt back and observe the need to be repatriated, repaid and the tear between ourselves and the other to be repaired in some restorative way. Those who have committed offences against society are another group of people that are sent away to be unseen.  Prison – a draconian and outdated way of people management. An advanced society would identify what happened amongst its body for harm to be caused by a member to another member of it’s collection. Questions alluding to an unknown picture an advanced society could begin to ask. Also be willing to wait for uneasy answers.

How to Be Anti-Racist with Ibram X Kendi and Mariame Kaba: Prison and Police Abolition – Finding True Safety

Volcano Photo by Aaron Thomas on Unsplash