Willfully Unseen: Dare Us

Young leaders
Being young, below the age of 21, the rest of the adult world can present that the young know little. Knowing less could be a provision to engage in creative and critical thinking and emotionally engaged solution finding. A central idea is that those older and wiser, know more.
In some cases those who are 21+ do. And yet are still to find solution to the problems the world faces! The notion, that being born, one should be ‘grateful for life’ and put up with the rubbish being thrown is largely outdated. Young people have some protections offered in relation to health, wellbeing, autonomy and access to education.
However the offer to seats of power, to direct the course of important arguments are less available to youthful viewpoints. Decisions, especially about education, are made by people who left their own classrooms 30-40-50 years ago!
The young are not seen, valued, appreciated for what lessons they are to teach. We should remain aware and interested in the way young persons see our planet. Passing on our jaded world views, whilst initially seen as protective, may not yield a determined, explorative, daring, courageous young person.
We may be undoing their preparation to commit to the heavy lifting required for systemic global change. Those who engage with young minds are often laughingly surprised by what ideas their youthful charges dream up. Inviting us to step up, stand up, speak up, speak out about a number of injustices the world faces, because the young require us to.
And because they already are!

Rainbow RubbishPhoto by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

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