Willfully Unseen: Rough

The city I have moved to, Hamilton Ontario, has many people living on the streets or in tents, at parks or scraps of land that are unused. The city is attempting to resolve the crises by supporting homeless people to find accommodation. A global understanding of those who live with complex factors would be a useful way to engage with groups of people who find themselves without a home. Becoming homeless is not a choice a person makes. Living outside of shelter is arrived at by a number of connected and unforeseen factors. Ultimately to resolve some of the concerns those who live beyond shelter, are to be consulted and involved with in the process of repatriation. A recent study observing 1 persons cost to a community in the US for a decade, observed an individual who cost a city 10’s of thousands of dollars just to keep them alive. It is less warehousing of solutions and resolutions but finding individual and group breakthroughs. We all need to walk and talk together through differences of occupying land and keep our eyes open and mouths moving! The aim: find impossible solutions.

Plastic Bottle Snagged Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

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