My name is Michael. I currently live in London. I am a Counsellor. I write too as there are aspects to life that I find interesting and worthwhile to further investigate. I consider counselling an artistic outlet for myself and through creativity I am able to co-create with those I support.

Motivate others using ART

My Aim

I am also a Project Manager for the Forensic Mental Health Practitioner service for Together, a Counselling Supervisor, Father, Life Partner, Lay Philosopher, Poet, Music Enthusiast, contributing editor for the Counsellors Cafe Magazine and possibly more…

Being a Project Manager I find as being a rewarding – multifaceted and multi-directional experience. Since beginning at Together in January 2015 I have grown in my appreciation of working alongside other skilled mental health practitioners. My skill and confidence supporting others has also developed too.

I started as a visiting lecturer in September 2015, supporting students at the University of Greenwich. Working with students on counselling courses has been rewarding on a number of different levels: their reflective inquiry has been enlivening and enriching for me.

In 2014, I worked at a number of interesting places including a prison, the University of Kent and Family Health Isis. Working within 3 different health roles I was able to witness mental illness as a health concern for all.

I counsel and supervise in private practice and like the diversity of client contact I have in my working week.

When not working I like to; write, play Basketball, ride my Longboard (Silversurfer) play chess, listen to good Jazz and Bake artisan breads.

I am passionate about the work I am involved with and look for the moment when the light comes on in a persons eyes I am working with.


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