Healthy Eating is Dieting

Eating Well is Dieting
The below content is written for a series of hour long workshops I have just successfully written, supported and completed with a small group. The workshop is called Mental Health in the 21st Century. Reading this page may wake up your appetite. The pictures might do that all by themselves. Be warned! The advice below is for those who want to have a better relationship with themselves and with food. MF

1) Learn how to look after yourself with food. Learn to eat in a balanced way a little of what you want and a little of what you need.
2) For 2 meals a day eat a rainbow plate. The more different colours of vegetables and grains the more vast an array of nutrients you get.
3) Have compassion for yourself. If your relationship with food is off, there’s a reason. Where would you be without that coping strategy?

Fish Platter

4) Do get enough omega 3 from nuts and oily fish, which is so essential for the heart and brain functions.
5) Do try to eat at least 1 superfood a day a portion of which is normally the size of your palm. Berries, Fish, Leafy Greens, Nuts, Olive Oil, Whole Grains, Yoghurt, Cruciferous Vegetables, Legumes, Tomatoes.
6) Do know that your relationship with weight loss is dependent on you changing your relationship with food first?

Pork Noodle Soup

1) Restrict any food groups. Protein can’t get round to your muscles without carbohydrate
2) Follow faddy diets they change your physiology ensuring that you become more rounded and heavier when you start to eat normally again
3) Compare your journey with your body to that of others (because) it’s not the same! Your body hasn’t experienced the same trauma etc and therefore won’t respond the same to exercise and food stimulus (in the same way)!

Smörgåsbord is about the mix

4) Don’t wait…life is for living now regardless of your size by delaying fun until you are the right size you are prolonging the negative experience and teaching yourself that you don’t deserve to have fun yet which is untrue!
5) Don’t fall into oboseogenic thinking so what if you had a couple of biscuits! This does not ruin the day or unpick all of the hard work you’ve done don’t use it as an excuse to binge out.
6) Don’t zone out whilst eating. By paying attention, you are likely to eat the correct amount and enjoy it more.

All Now?

Content by Edwina Hawkridge Who is a Counsellor and an Eating Disorder and Weight Management Consultant

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