The Proof is in the…

This is what others have said about me and my work as their therapist/ counsellor/ consultant

What is a testimonial?

They are a view sharing a perspective from a person that has been positively affected by the support offered. If they were called criticisms that would offer a clear perspective of what another’s view of the work was like negatively.

The following comments are examples of the outcomes from some of the people I have worked with. I asked for feedback as I wanted to get a perspective of what these clients thought of our work.

Working with Michael has resulted in profound, transformative growth for me. I went to him with depression, anxiety, worthlessness and despair and now I am happy, confident, strong and purposeful. It was hard work and took courage but Michael’s kind, supportive, professional commitment to me has been unwavering from our first meeting. I have learned so much from our work and recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to explore or change something in their lives. Ms Liberty

Hard Work
All the commenters names have been changed to protect their identities. In all honesty the clients I have had the chance to work with are the true heroes. Note that Ms Liberty states that the work was hard and it took courage. The sticky tough parts are where the support differs from client to client and where transformation begins.

Time Warped
“My sessions with Michael were a great encouragement and support during what was a very difficult time for me. He really understood and enabled me to explore my inner thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. I had six sessions with him, but it felt a lot longer due to the amount that I personally achieved and was left feeling better positioned to face my future”. Mr Nasson

For some clients resolution of a difficulty can happen quickly. As mentioned in another post the change can happen in 1 sitting 3 or 23. For Mr Nasson we worked on 1 distinct challenge and using a blend of C.B.T. and person centred counselling we were able to create the change that he wanted.

Boundaried Time
“After having my second child, I started to feel very anxious and realised I needed help. I had never really had any problems with mental health before, it was frightening and difficult to know where to start.”

“Michael very quickly made me feel comfortable to talk about what was happening, and the setting of ‘walk and talk’ in the park made the process feel a lot more natural than I imagined. Knowing I had a protected time and space for myself made a huge difference, and helped in so many ways, not least in giving me my confidence back. I feel very grateful to have found such a professional, kind and thoughtful therapist.” Ms Ward

For Ms Ward the challenge was put in a few interconnecting boxes. By talking and walking through a park in South East London a coalescing of the difficulties started to happen and within the 1st season a renewed sense of herself and finding solutions for some of the challenges that she faced.

Finding Peace
“Working with Michael has been an adventure to say the least. When I first met Michael, I was in very low place. I was in a toxic relationship that only seemed to go from bad to worse and was still dealing with the loss of my parents. In seeking out Michael, I wanted to find ways in which to not only find myself again but unlearn negative behaviours and learn new and healthy ones. All of which helped me to become the man I am today. My journey with Michael was a challenging one…”

“I knew he certainly had his work cut out for him. Whilst the approach I took was to be open and honest with Michael, the challenge was to be open and honest with myself about what triggers impacted my relationships; both with self and others. I struggled with this approach because it meant being vulnerable with myself. I left some sessions ruminating over those triggers and reliving some painful moments. This took some time to come to terms with and ultimately led to a journey of health, self discovery and improvement.”

“Michael’s approach is superimposed by his patient yet unapologetic approach to clients identifying their pain and helping them to unravel the actors and obstacles to their healing. Working with Michael, I learned to reframe narratives to the benefit of my relationship with self. If I was to choose a defining moment, it would be the introduction of ‘Star Mapping’ to our sessions. This approach helped me to map out all of my thoughts and feelings and reclaim my power over situations; past, present and future. This led to learning to forgive and accept situations and decisions that I had no control over and freeing myself from their burden. These were some of the many defining moments, working with Michael, in which I could say I saw real progress being made.”

“Coming to Michael as a Broken Black Man, is a decision that changed my life. Michael’s dedication to improving the Mental Health of Black Men is ingrained in his approach, with one sole aim; to be well. Michael works with the mindset to help you define life for you and when taken into context is a considerably powerful ethos. His Zen like patience and knowledge creates an atmosphere that is dedicated to wellness. You will see what I mean when you work with him….”

“So to my Brothers/Sisters reading this, what I learned from Michael is this; “Choosing wellness isn’t a sign of weakness, it is the strongest thing a man/woman will ever accomplish; to battle the monsters within. The challenge is to see it through and be victorious.” Let Michael help you develop the skills to win those battles and be victorious. To Mike, I say thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do, because I know that the lives you change today, will change the world tomorrow.” Mr Bryce

I worked with Mr Bryce for 3 seasons and he left me with a beautiful way to remember important pieces from each appointment. At the end of most sessions he would throw his hands up into the air and state I’m gonna star map this. Like an ancient mariner/sailor and pointing to the ceiling he would pluck points he wanted to carry with him that we had talked about, at the end of the counselling appointment. Blowing all other points away with some dramatic effect. His words above share his experiences and end with an appropriate request.

If you are interested in consulting with me and working through some of the challenges you face, drop me a line via my contact details on my website.

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