The Gathering

I heard your voice break, as you generously gave applaud and
Laughing jokes as the next guest crossed the threshold of your open door.
We, like game show contestants, guessed at the next person to arrive.
The time too long now.

Remembering when we last gathered in this now seemingly unusual and
Yet used to be usual way,
Remember before?

The aroma of a Caribbean,
Delicacy filled our noses and
Mouths watering, we fought back,
Our hunger, with chit chat and bellies full with laughter.

We caught each other’s eyes, and
Snippets of conversations held
Across rooms flung
With abandon,

We, seated, standing, leaning, giddy!
Shoes off or shoes on we asked,
As you bid us enter
Soon tears sparkled at the corner
Of our eyes as the beverages flowed and
The stories and remembrances happened.

“You remember when they said?” and we did!
Heads rolling backwards,
As we laughter full,
With hearts emptied.

Continued the happy bantering,
Meandering across fields filled with those gone and
Yet still

Time escaped from us all and
As the sun sank and
Joy spilled, bottles and flasks emptied,
We readied to don hats, scarves, find keys,
Call for our rides.

The last chittering almost causing raucous uproar again and
Then, we glided from doors,
Singing songs,
Sauntering some more until
We meet soon
As we gasped, “at last!”

This episode of Dare to Lead by Brené Brown in conversation with Priya Parker helped me to reimagine what our future organisational meetings or party happenings could look like. There was something in the way both Brené and Priya discussed what lies ahead that brought to mind our not too distant pasts. When we could meet in public without fear of falling ill. There is suggestion of riot in their conversation bubbling just beneath – inspiring ‘The Gathering.’
Dare to Lead with Brené Brown and Priya Parker

Dinner Party Theme photos
Cover photo by Valiant Made on Unsplash
1st inlay photo by Valiant Made on Unsplash
2nd inlay photo by mona Masoumi on Unsplash

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