Men of the Diaspora: It’s Time

On 13th of November 2019 a colleague and I will begin a group therapy experience for Black Men. The group will be run as an introduction to therapy and group psychotherapeutic support.

Inspire Them
The idea came from a former client who is featured in a testimonial. He was a client who in the span of 2 short seasons of work transformed his outlook on life. He mentioned the idea last year (2018). An introduction to therapy for Black Men or Men of the African Diaspora crystallized. In April 2019 when I went to The Man Talk in Brixton, I was moved to begin something that men who perceive of talking therapy as not for them – could be introduced to the idea of therapeutic support.

Sharing Vulnerability
At The Man Talk, seeing a group of men talking about issues they have lived through including: suicide, prison, depression, bereavement, life plans overturned and offering support to others, was amazing. The event brought the need for specialised low cost support to me in an impactful way. So impactful that I wanted to start something too.

Working with case discussion groups and process groups at Universities across London beginning at University of Greenwich (Sept 2015), presenting at UEL to students on their psychology programmes I paid attention to the amazing power of group work.

Unkown Knowns
I use the word power with intention as I feel there is an unknown element that affects working with groups. The bereavement group I currently support at one of the prisons I work at in Kent, is a perfect example of the wonder and amazing effect group work has on individuals and the group overall.
The group becomes it’s own entity. Factors from outside the group space interact with members and push and pull what is shared in directions that are unknowable.

Summer Captured in Fall Colours

Reading the work of Irvin Yalom and his experiences of group work especially in Loves Executioner offer the reader a clear understanding of what group therapy does.

Call To Act
If interested to know more about the group please contact either myself or Sheila Samuels who will be co-counselling the space with me. The group begins on the 13th of November 2019 at the Wellness Hub, 7 Burnt Ash Hill London. SE12 0AA

18 thoughts on “Men of the Diaspora: It’s Time

  1. Hi Michael, A great blog. The scene is being set for some great work ahead.

    On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 9:37 AM Michael Forfieh Counselling wrote:

    > michael forfieh posted: ” On 13th of November 2019 a colleague and I will > begin a group therapy experience for Black Men. The group will be run as an > introduction to therapy and group psychotherapeutic support.Inspire ThemThe > idea came from a former client who is featured in a te” >


  2. Looking forward to co-facilitating with Michael Opoku-Forfieh on the Introduction to Therapy Course, for Black Men. A 6 week group therapy course where we will explore the purpose of therapy and cover various topics.
    Please enquire or share this flier with someone who you feel will benefit from the course.
    If you recognise yourself or someone from the dialogue below, take the step and sign up for the course.

    Life throws curve balls and there is the thought that being a Black Male, you must be strong no matter what…. no support needed. Just soldier on because that’s what you do and always have done… I dont need to talk about this….To the world I’m ok, I’ve got this! Internally… filled with anxiety or stress to be honest, not coping as well as can be..The results of this might include acting out… saying or doing the wrong things because you feel overwhelmed so regulating your mood becomes just that bit harder.

    Prepare yourself for the year 2020. It is said that 2020 vision is the sharpest… Join the course and let’s work towards personal growth, support, understanding and equilibrium


  3. Excellent insight to the development of the course which I currently attend. I look forward to to the course and the SAFE SPACE it offers me to be able to express my thoughts and feelings. Well done to both you and Shelia for providing this space

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    1. Lloyd we are very happy to have you as a committed passionate advocate for Black Men and engaging in therapeutic endeavours. It would be a different course without your personal and professional insights.


  4. This sounds like a fantastic group to be part of, we need to have these ‘safe’ spaces to truly open up and begin the release of so much pent up anxiety and fear of talking about some of the issues which hold us prisoner to Psycological pain and feeling vulnerable within.


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