Deeping It: Substance 2

When I initially think of substance, two conflicting ideas present themselves. One is positive. The other invites risk. Below I will explain my thinking.

Substance Definition
A particular matter tube with uniform properties. “a steel tube coated with a waxy substance”

Similar: Material, Matter, Stuff, Medium, Fabric.

The real physical matter of which a person or thing consists and which has a tangible solid presence. “proteins compose much of the actual substance of the body”

The other definition is related to substance misuse or substance abuse: Loosely this relates to using various forms of intoxicating elements that cause people to feel differently about oneself or life experiences. The abuse happens when someone uses a substance regularly to feel better. Their using of a substance can be reasonably controlled. When a substance like alcohol is used a part of the brain can stop working properly for a time. Hormones called serotonin and dopamine are released which can make someone feel good. The length of time they feel good for can last for a few moments or a number of hours.

Having Substance
When a person is said to have substance that person usually is: Safe, Honest, Good to be around, Solid, Fair in nature, Level headed, Trustworthy, Charitable, Kind, sort of Golden. They appear to be well liked and have a good circle of friends around them. They stick to their morals and can stand up for what they believe is right. This person of substance can be stubborn and get in the way of other people’s ideas of having fun. They may be left in their own company but seem to accept that others don’t see things their way. They can also admit when they have got it wrong, and not become bitter with people in their close circle.

Having Substance
Jumping into It

The person who has substance comes from a range of backgrounds that could include poor, refugee, from lower classes, or from wealthy families. In some instances their character is honed from adversities/tough experiences. Others find their substance going against their families wishes. They may become ostracised/divorced from their family of origin. For many people going through tough times that person can break. For a person of substance the breaking is what is needed to arrive at what they now know, and want to share with the rest of the world. Breaking down can lead to break through.

Light Shine
For someone who is of substance they appear to emit a glow, a deep sense of knowing that is as comforting as it is attractive. We often find ourselves pulled in to their gravity of being – much like a star – a hole in space. Possibly they were not always the way they seem now. We may not have been there as they battled with unseen demons, emotions, thoughts or personal tragedies. But the who they are now, we find captivates our imagination and invites us, also to be more.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day and Mo Gawdat
Have You Heard George’s Podcast ep 9

Cover photo by Conrad Ziebland on Unsplash
Inlay photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash
Intro, Resilience, Resistance, Persistence, Insistence

11 thoughts on “Deeping It: Substance 2

  1. I read three times, andd feel I should read a few times more. However, I was keen to comment with my initial thoughts.
    In this start of your short series, I get a definite feel of a continum and rippling insight. It is for the reader to take on the various elements and work with what fits them. This is great writing.

    Thank you M

    I will be reading on, and hoping not only to comment but, to also take on board what is within your writings and put to usefulness.


    1. As the inspirator for this mini series, I am thankful to you for beginning a different sort of writing experience for me.
      I look forward to reading your thoughts on the following topics and our further conversations. Thank you.


    2. Yes, ‘the substance of a person’.
      Not the bits of mass or composite things we are made of but, what embodied us as an individual with thoughts, feelings and ‘beliefs’.

      Of course what a person is surrounded by, has a great impact on how that person is, thinks and is likely to be in the most later in their life. Financial circumstances, social situations, gender and cultural to mention some of the influences on the basis of a persons upbringing.

      The substance of a person, the principles or grounds by which that person stands on or stems from can help or hinder the journey their life takes.

      A simple example. To ask a child. How was your day at school? Or what is it you like about a particular game?
      The response; “it was good” or ” I just like it”, is accepted, aand is always accepted.
      No conversation of further enquiry, so need to think more about it, right?
      With substance of person/character, the reply to the question is most often likely to be more filling /informative.
      I had a really good day at school. Do you know why? Well, in science class today……. In answer to the game. “I like this game a lot because, it challenges me, and the characters in it are interesting they….
      You see the difference?

      Substance has the feeling of greatness, leadership or strong held beliefs. But, the truer, simple fact of substance, I believe is having questions, and wanting to ask/seek for answers.

      To nurture our young to listen, to ask questions, try to make sense of and seek answers that might not necessarily be as has been given to them. I do think this provides a basis of substance for an individual, to be able have: drive, interests, to be expressive and importantly have a platform of which they know has ‘sound workings’.

      It is likely, I might rethink a bit of what I have written here but, this is impart what I am saying. Having the ability to feel free to express a thought with passion, and then maybe look back and re analyse some of what I may have first thought.


      1. Hello juels2030 you have provided me with a number of excellent mini project ideas.
        I like also how you have deeped it and looked at what substance may mean when asking a young person about their day. Excellent and relevant. I appreciate your thoughts and will continue developing a fuller response/responses. Until we meet again.


  2. I also listened to episode 1 of George’s Poetry Podcast.
    A young man, who has Substance, something to say.
    He is passionate, and has sourced this from a widespread of places.
    He offers more than to just listen to him. He invites others to join him, have a say, give him alternative avenues of thought.

    Substance and more is here.

    Thank you for sharing his name.


    1. Hi juels2030, Making the discovery of Have you Heard George’s Podcast earlier this year was as momentous as it was serendipitous. The podcasts are as much entertaining as they are educational and fun and illuminating. You are right he has asked for feedback and involvement so let’s reply. Thank you for your insights and feedback


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